Words are Mirrors –

Words are mirrors !!!

Words are mirrors for whatever the perception words create are of one’s own self 

Whenever & for whatever we read/hear/listen the words  . . .  they create our own images in themselves  . . . thats why two people reading the text has their own interpretation for the very same text for the very same words  . . .


When one look at the words, the images created are of, one’s own personality, attitude, behavior, experience  . . .

Since any two human can be similar but not the same so do words create the perception which may be similar between two people but will never be exactly the same!

We try to find ourselves inside the words, our personality, experiences thats why words create different impression on the brain of different human being!

4 thoughts on “Words are Mirrors –

  1. Ah, you have divined the secret of guru-hood.

    Just generate a whole series of ambiguous but positive sounding aphorisms people think they can see themselves and their own opinions in and everyone starts praising your wisdom.

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